2011-02 LMC Board Minutes

La Montanita Food Cooperative
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Final
February 15, 2011 – 5:30 pm

Board Present: Martha Whitman, Marshall Kovitz, Ariana Marchello, Kristy Decker, Roger
Eldridge, Susan McAllister, Peter Nardini, Betsy VanLeit

Board Not Present: Stephanie Dobbie

Also Present: Terry Bowling, John Mulle, Michelle Franklin, Jennifer Cornish, Irene Schneider, and Co-op Member, Margaret Salamon

The meeting started at 5:45 p.m. at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque. The meeting was facilitated by Jennifer Cornish and notes were taken by Irene Schneider.

1. General Welcome and Introductions

2. Approve the Agenda – The Agenda was approved as presented. Prior to the meeting, Marshall requested time to discuss his recent medical diagnosis and anticipated prognosis. All present expressed concern and offered their support.

3. Item Title: Member Comments
Issues Raised: Marshall reported on one email this month from an applicant for the
Commix Illustrator position. He complained about not being notified regarding the status of the position and also about the election results not being published. Marshall responded accordingly.
Actions Required: None

4. Item Title: Consent Agenda – All a) Board Minutes January 2011
b) Member Engagement Committee Minutes – January 24, 2111 c) External Financial Monitoring Proposal

Issues Raised: Martha moved and Ariana seconded to approve the Consent Agenda
Actions Taken: The Consent Agenda was approved unanimously.

5. Item Title: Management Monitoring Reports – February 2011
Issues Raised: Betsy moved and Ariana seconded to approve the Management Monitoring
Reports. Terry discussed the Wage Grid Exam noting that there had been no change since
2007. In order to make us more competitive, entry level wages in Albuquerque and Gallup
were increased to $8.50 and $8.00 respectively. The Mobile Grocery Store is moving forward and final details are being worked out. The Co-op Development Project is in the early stages of development and is made possible through a USDA grant. Michelle added that Farm to Table is a key partner in this project and discussed the program as well as the various groups that we will be assisting in the project.

Actions Taken: The Management Monitoring Reports were approved unanimously. Martha suggested a review of the Wage Grid by the Policy Development Committee to determine the intent of the policy. She then moved and Roger seconded that the Board appoint the PDC to explore the intent of Policy X2.5. Marshall amended the motion to take into account all forms of compensation. The motion carried unanimously.

Actions Required: The PDC will review Policy X2.5 and provide a report to the Board. The due date will be October.

6. Item Title: Board Functioning – Board Website Timeline Tutorial
Issues Raised: Ariana reviewed the various features of the timeline, discussed the contents
and demonstrated how to navigate the site. Martha suggested identifying things that relate to ends and sort them accordingly.
Actions Taken: None. Actions Required: None.

7. Item Title: Board Study – Community Ends – Kristy, Peter, Marshall
Issues Raised: Based on studies of the Board’s Community Ends Policy, and in preparation
of the Board Retreat, individual groups of board members were assigned the following threads:
1) Defining Community
2) Expanding Community Participation
3) Community Health and Well Being
Each group was asked to identify trends and provide a SWOT analysis of the trend. After a brief breakout session, each group reviewed and discussed their assigned thread. There
was a notable variance in the interpretation of global versus internal issues, and it was the general consensus that the study be further reviewed the Board Development Committee.
(See Comments Attached)

Actions Taken: Referred to Board Development Committee.
Actions Required: A meeting of the Board Development Committee will be held within
the next week to further discuss this study.

8. Title: Administrative Assistant Duties/Assignments – All
Issues Raised: The Task list was updated to reflect completion of Tasks #2, and #6 and to
include the following:
1) Review of Policy X2.5 by the PDC
2) Review of Community Ends Board Study by BDC
3) Website Housekeeping by Irene and Ariana to include: a) Post all Committee Minutes from the past three years, b) Retrieve comments from Study Hours from each Board Meeting and post under Board Study Notes, c) update Team Members to reflect current roster.

Actions Required: Irene will update the Task List.

9. Item Title: Meeting Evaluation
Issues Raised: Comments:
 Interesting board interaction on moving forward.
 The Board Study process of taking data from various sources and creating SWOT’s
will help us for the annual retreat.
 What can the Co-op foresee in the next 5, 10 and 20 years? Actions Required: None.

10. Item Title: Next Meeting Agenda Construction
Issues Raised: The Board completes 1st half of B Self-Evaluation Survey. There may be information from the Nominations and Elections Committee for improving the Slate.

11. Adjourn regular session at 8:10 p.m.