Donate-a-Dime Organization of the Month: National Dance Institute NM

Every month, La Montañita sponsors a local community-based organization through our Donate-a-Dime bag program.

By Miya King-Flaherty, NDI

National Dance Institute New Mexico’s (NDI-NM) mission is focused on education, health, and wellness through dance. We believe that in everything we do, we want to be excellent and have lots of energy! NDI New Mexico was founded with the knowledge that the arts have a unique power to engage and motivate children. The purpose of our distinctive programs is to help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that will carry over into all aspects of their lives. Our work is guided by our belief in children, as well as our commitment to social responsibility, excellence, sustainability and financial integrity.

NDI-NM delivers arts and healthy lifestyle programs to underserved children throughout New Mexico. Our programs combine dance with fun and encouraging instruction that builds children’s character, promotes their positive behavioral change, and inspires them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum is based on our “Core Four”—work hard, do your best, never give up, and be healthy. In every class, our instructors set high standards that teach children how to achieve their goals. Using the power of dance, we provide children with tools for a lifetime of success in school and in life.

We offer our services through a range of programs:

Our In-School Program is part of the weekly school curriculum, providing dance-based educational enrichment to school children in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. The In-School Program is free to children and their families with schools paying a small stipend of 3 -7% of the overall cost. Statewide, we reach over 9,100 children annually in 92 predominately low-income public elementary schools.

We also offer our Advanced Training Program for children in the In-School Program that want even more in-depth participation in NDI-NM. The Super Wonderful Advanced Team (SWAT) for elementary school students and the Celebration Team for middle school students are fully scholarshipped programs. Classes take place on our campuses at The Hiland in Albuquerque and at The Dance Barns in Santa Fe.

Our After-School Program offers a range of classes for children aged 3 to 8. Available at both campuses, classes range from ballet to hip-hop to musical theater—we also offer adult classes too! Tuition is based on a sliding scale, ensuring the program is inclusive and affordable for all.

Our Residency Program takes NDI-NM’s In-School Program to rural areas throughout New Mexico, offering a special 1 to 3 week program across 33 schools.

At NDI-NM, we strive to reach children who need our programs the most regardless of language, culture or physical challenges. We teach that teamwork, tenacity, discipline and joyful effort can equal success—that hard work and an uncompromising standard of excellence result in a genuine sense of achievement and self-respect that can change the life of a child, any child.


NDI New Mexico programs are designed to:

  • help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that will carry over into all aspects of their lives;
  • improve self-confidence, school attendance and general behavior in and out of school;
  • improve grades and standardized achievement test scores;
  • promote good health through vigorous physical activity;
  • provide children with an opportunity to gain attention from peers, teachers and family members in positive ways;
  • foster better relationships between teachers and students by having teachers participate alongside students in the program;
  • form friendships among children and adults from vastly different economic, cultural and geographic backgrounds;
  • and make going to school a productive and joyful experience.

NDI New Mexico brings award-winning arts and physical education programs to underserved children in urban, rural and Native American communities throughout New Mexico. To learn more about us, please visit you would like to make a donation and support our programs, go to: or call (505) 340-0205.

In November, your bag credit donations totaling $2318.80 went to the Veteran Integration Center of New Mexico. Thank you! This month your bag credit donation goes to the National Dance Institute: “Changing lives through dance.”