Reduce Food Waste by Gleaning Green


Gleaning Green: Food for Free by Ari Levaux The voice on the phone gave me directions to a house in a residential neighborhood. The way she spoke made me feel vaguely like James Bond receiving an…

Gallup’s Giving it Away!


Gallup’s Giving it Away! The Co-op is going to raffle off a $100 gift card and give the proceeds to the Community Pantry (our local food bank) as part of their annual fundraiser. There’s a facebook…

2014 Annual Co-op Member Meeting


2014 Annual Co-op Member Meeting We welcome all our members to our Annual Membership Gathering at 6PM at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th Street NW. Hear about how our Coop is doing from our…

Compassion for All Species: Bag Credit Donations for Animal Welfare


Bag Credit Donation of the Month: Animal Humane New Mexico and the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society This month we want to focus on two wonderful animal welfare organizations: Animal Humane New Mexico and…

Can YOU Afford Organic Food? Yes!


By Valerie Smith, Nob Hill Store Manager As a store manager for La Montanita, I often hear people say that organic is too expensive. Of course, my knee-jerk impulse is to object to both “too” and…

Gallup Arts Crawl Tastings


Gallup Arts Crawl Tastings Sat, Sept 13 from 5 – 9pm We’ll be having the first in a series of tastings at our Gallup store this Saturday. Chef Marko Bello of Eagle Cafe will be preparing…



 CO-OPversations Have you thought about how things could be different in your community? Bring those ideas and join us for a second round of Co-opversations as we explore what it means to build community wealth. La…

Santa Fe Co-op Offers an Education in Cheese


Santa Fe Co-op Offers an Education in Cheese Beginning this month, Jade McLellan, our Santa Fe Cheese Department head will offer classes on the history, varieties, and methods for making cheese. While you won’t make cheese…

Tailgate with the Co-op


Tailgate with the Co-op Get the Ball Rolling with Mt Vikos Spreads: Kalmata Olive • Babaganoush • Roasted Eggplant and Artichoke vegetable spreads on Lil Kristi’s Chips and Salsa, local from Roswell. Tag team with organic…

It’s Hempening!


By Ruth Fahrbach, Taos HempLLC Hemp, or Cannabis sativa, covers a lot of ground in the literal sense. It is the plant genius that will grow nearly anywhere with little water and no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides….