Earth Fest 2014

Cold, and stormy, and still so much fun.

Ole for Earth Fest!


Ole for Earth Fest!

Check out more videos from last year’s festivities on our FB page. 

On April 27, join us in the street behind our Nob Hill location for a full day of activity.Read more

Sweet Grass Beef


Sweet Grass Beef

Sweet Grass Cooperative is comprised of ranchers who have a passion for the Western tradition of family-owned ranches. They have a passion for the land, for the animals,… Read more

Co-op Connection News April, 2014


Co-op Connection News

April, 2014

In this issue we celebrate the Earth! We introduce you to the New Mexico Native Plant Society, discuss water issues in times of drought, solar energy,… Read more

Share Your Co-op Story


October is Co-op Month! This year we claim Oct. 25 as Co-op Staff appreciation day. We’d love to hear which co-op staff people you love, and why. And it doesn’t have to be… Read more

24th Annual Celebrate the Earth Festival

Baila! Baila! 2013 Earth Day

24th Annual Celebrate the Earth Festival

Sunday April 27, 10am to 6pm

On Silver Street Behind the Coop in the Nob Hill Shopping Center

For two dozen years it has been our great pleasure… Read more

Co-op Connection News for March, 2014


Co-op Connection News

March, 2014

In this issue we get things growing! We introduce you to the Family Farmer Seed Co-op, provide gardening tips and inspiration, and let you know about… Read more

Coop Collaboration: Healthy Food at SF’s Gonzales Elementary


From Cooking With Kids. 

For the past seven years, La Montanita Coop has supported the Cooking with Kids program at Gonzales Elementary Public School with the ingredients necessaryRead more

ESSENTIAL OILS: Effective Tools for Health


By Amylee Udell

Essential oils are natural extracts from plants’ flowers, seeds, roots, bark, and stems.  They make flowers smell the way they smell AND they give plants … Read more

Springtime Allergy Relief


By Khara Hindi 

Sneeze, sneeze…sniffle, sniffle…itch, itch.  Is this what the beginning of spring usually means to you?  Seasonal rhinitis, or hay fever, is most commonly … Read more