Coop Collaboration: Healthy Food at SF’s Gonzales Elementary

From Cooking With Kids.  For the past seven years, La Montanita Coop has supported the Cooking with Kids program at Gonzales Elementary Public School with the ingredients necessary for the program. It is near and dear to our… Read More

ESSENTIAL OILS: Effective Tools for Health

By Amylee Udell Essential oils are natural extracts from plants’ flowers, seeds, roots, bark, and stems.  They make flowers smell the way they smell AND they give plants protective qualities against disease and predators.  When I first heard… Read More

Springtime Allergy Relief

By Khara Hindi  Sneeze, sneeze…sniffle, sniffle…itch, itch.  Is this what the beginning of spring usually means to you?  Seasonal rhinitis, or hay fever, is most commonly caused by pollen, a fine powdery substance released into the air by… Read More

Soil: Care and Feeding for Crop Success

The Carbon Economy Series presents Rodale’s Elaine Ingram: March 12-13 By Iginia Boccalandro Can you imagine if you could grow anything you wanted with the soil in your yard? If you could use less water, produce more biomass… Read More

Soil Restoration in the Southwest

By Amanda Bramble, Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center One doesn’t have to go far anywhere in the Southwest to see that soil erosion is a problem. Roots are exposed, head cuts start then grow, any organic material that could… Read More

What’s on Your Plate?

What’s on Your Plate? By Eleanor Bravo, Food and Water Watch Santa Fe Passes GMO Labeling! Now its Albuquerque’s Turn What’s on your plate? Because there are no laws requiring genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be labeled, we don’t… Read More

Food Value Chains Redux

This month as we look at the Co-op Distribution Center’s activity, we revisit a topic touched on in our first installment—food value chains. Part of what makes the CDC unique is their approach to their suppliers and to… Read More