Coyona Peruvian French Roast from Equal Exchange


Peru Naturals Exclusively at La Montañita Co-op for $7.99/lb Bringing the coffee farmers’ private reserve coffee to co-op shoppers Cooperativa José Gabriel Condorcanquí of Coyona, Peru by Tom Wilde, Equal Exchange Over the years visiting with…


Volunteer @ the Santa Fe Solstice Celebration

Natural Value Paper Products on Sale


Picnic and Party Supplies on Sale! Whether it’s sandwich bags free of PVCs, waxed-paper bags made from unbleached fiber, or scrubbers made from natural walnut shells, Natural Value makes sure their paper and plastic products are…

You Own It (Survey)


Owner Survey Fill out the Owner Survey today and save 15% on your next shopping trip. Not a member yet? Become one on your next shopping trip, then share your  $.02! Start the Survey Here!

Co-op Connection News June, 2014


Co-op Connection News June, 2014 In this issue we celebrate the birds and bees because its National Pollinator Month. We also give a nod to all the great Dad’s out there, and encourage you to participate…

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning The co-op carries a wide variety of great cleaning products that are free of the harsh synthetic chemicals of conventional cleaners, but here are few you can make yourself. Dish Soap Prep: 2 minutes…

Keep GMO Poplar Trees out of our New Mexican Cottonwood Forests


Keep GMO Poplar Trees out of our New Mexican Cottonwood Forests By Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, Four Bridges Permaculture Institute If you haven’t already seen our Petition on Facebook, please take moment to read about a…

Co-op Connection News May, 2014


Co-op Connection News May, 2014 In this issue we give great suggestions on how to tell your mom you love her on Mother’s day, information on how GMOs might affect the Bosque, pollinator updates, and a…

Blustery Fun at Earth Day 2014


Earth Fest 2014


Cold, and stormy, and still so much fun.