Member-Owner Town Hall Videos

Missed our recent Town Hall meetings?

We uploaded unedited videos of both the Albuquerque and Santa Fe Town Hall meetings for folks who couldn't attend.

40 Years of Facts


On this page you will find our story with counterpoints to the petition campaign, La Montañita by the numbers (current business facts), policy governance information, testimonials and more.

You’re Invited

Alternatively, we can run the photo as-is if you prefer, though it would be very noticeably pixelated. Please join us! This year's Owner Gathering will be on Saturday, October 22, at 5:30pm.

Owners will have the opportunity to hear how the Co-op is doing, enjoy a deliciously organic dinner, engage in meaningful community dialogue, and hear from special guest speaker Ted Howard, a social entrepreneur and author.

Fresh Sales

Great savings on organic produce, available to all our customers.

New Fresh Sales are available every Wednesday — see what terrific organic produce is on sale now!