Kyzer Farm

Located in the South Valley of Albuquerque, the Kyzer family has raised livestock in New Mexico since 1970. Kyzer Farm raises heritage hogs, crossbreeding Yorkshires and Berkshires. They are never given hormones or antibiotics. They are grain-fed, supplemented with local… Read More

Mary’s Poultry

Mary’s Poultry These birds are grown naturally with plenty of open space in California. The natural variety is not fed wheat and is gluten free. The organic variety is not certified gluten free. Both varieties are fed corn and soy… Read More

Sweet Grass Beef

Sweet Grass Beef Sweet Grass Cooperative is comprised of ranchers who have a passion for the Western tradition of family-owned ranches. They have a passion for the land, for the animals, and for the well-being of their families… Read More

Coop Collaboration: Healthy Food at SF’s Gonzales Elementary

From Cooking With Kids.  For the past seven years, La Montanita Coop has supported the Cooking with Kids program at Gonzales Elementary Public School with the ingredients necessary for the program. It is near and dear to our… Read More

Soil: Care and Feeding for Crop Success

The Carbon Economy Series presents Rodale’s Elaine Ingram: March 12-13 By Iginia Boccalandro Can you imagine if you could grow anything you wanted with the soil in your yard? If you could use less water, produce more biomass… Read More

Soil Restoration in the Southwest

By Amanda Bramble, Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center One doesn’t have to go far anywhere in the Southwest to see that soil erosion is a problem. Roots are exposed, head cuts start then grow, any organic material that could… Read More

Join Us

Download a membership registration form today and return it to your favorite Co-op location! Why join? You Care! — About good food and how it’s produced. You Embrace! — A local and regional food-shed You Encourage! — Co-op principles… Read More