Fussie Cat


Fussie Cat

Find this great cat food at any La Montanita Co-op location. Get more info on product, like these FAQ’s from their website, at fussiecat.com.

Pets Global, Inc, the… Read more

Teese Vegan Cheese


Teese Vegan Cheese

is a low-fat dairy-free cheese alternative that delivers authentic taste, texture, melt and stretch. The unique packaging really stands out and gives Teese a … Read more

Volume Discount in July



The co-op is offering an extra volume discount for owners during the month of July!

The more you spend, the greater the discount! Find your coupon in the mail this week,… Read more

Natural Value Paper Products on Sale


Picnic and Party Supplies on Sale!

Whether it’s sandwich bags free of PVCs, waxed-paper bags made from unbleached fiber, or scrubbers made from natural walnut shells, Natural … Read more

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning

The co-op carries a wide variety of great cleaning products that are free of the harsh synthetic chemicals of conventional cleaners, but here are few you can make yourself.… Read more

Coop Collaboration: Healthy Food at SF’s Gonzales Elementary


From Cooking With Kids. 

For the past seven years, La Montanita Coop has supported the Cooking with Kids program at Gonzales Elementary Public School with the ingredients necessaryRead more




With over 10,000 carefully chosen products, we think you’ll find everything you need. Choose from the best known highest quality national and international brands and… Read more