Share your Co-op Story


Share your Co-op Story October is Co-op Month! This year we claim Oct 25 as Co-op Staff appreciation day. We’d love to hear which co-op staff people you love, and why. And it doesn’t have to…

In the Spring


In the Spring You loved asparagus, strawberries, leeks and green onions. Thanks for your two cents on what spring foods you love!

In the Spring


We love fresh, local veggies, whole grains, yogurt, hot soups, pecans, goat cheese… What do you love to eat as the trees bud out and the weather gets warmer?

Would you join us for happy hour?

What I can’t live without …


What I can’t live without that I get at the Co-op. good deals on gluten-free food local vegetables fresh organic turmeric Vegan oyster oil fresh made juices at the deli counter!! Black Silk Coffee knowing where…

Owner Deals March 5 – 18


In so many ways, it pays to be an owner of the co-op. As an owner, in addition to great local and national sales, we offer a variety of specials on products, just for you. Grocery…

Co-op Deals Mar 5 – 18


Co-op Deals Mar 5 – 18, 2014 In so many ways, it pays to shop the co-op. In addition to deals for our owners, we offer great local and national sales to everyone. Read the digital…

Coop Collaboration: Healthy Food at SF’s Gonzales Elementary


From Cooking With Kids.  For the past seven years, La Montanita Coop has supported the Cooking with Kids program at Gonzales Elementary Public School with the ingredients necessary for the program. It is near and dear…

ESSENTIAL OILS: Effective Tools for Health


By Amylee Udell Essential oils are natural extracts from plants’ flowers, seeds, roots, bark, and stems.  They make flowers smell the way they smell AND they give plants protective qualities against disease and predators.  When I…

Springtime Allergy Relief


By Khara Hindi  Sneeze, sneeze…sniffle, sniffle…itch, itch.  Is this what the beginning of spring usually means to you?  Seasonal rhinitis, or hay fever, is most commonly caused by pollen, a fine powdery substance released into the…