We’re Extending Volume Discount Month!


Due to the rough weather on Friday and Saturday, we’re extending February’s Volume Discount through March 8th. We don’t want anyone to get snowed out of their … Read more

Staff Picks


Want to know about the latest and greatest products in our stores? Nobody knows them better than our wonderful staff!


The Westside’s gluten-free heart cookies are a … Read more

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Edite’s Party

Edite's Party

In-house RSVP for Edite's party
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taste of the holidays


Taste of the Holidays

Join us for holiday cheer and a sample of all the delicious items you can make or order from the Co-op for your feast. Whet your appetite with these menus, and mark… Read more

Secret Family Recipes

Secret Recipes

Share your favorite family recipes and stories with us.
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Meet the 2014 LMC Board Candidates


Meet the 2014 LMC Board Candidates

All board candidates participated in an interview for the Board Slate. The Board deems all these candidates as qualified candidates. Below is… Read more

KUNM Fall Pledge Drive

Volunteer on behalf of the Co-op during the KUNM Pledge Drive. Spend the afternoon in good company. Meet new friends and public radio fans. RSVP below to let us know you will work with… Read more

Shop & Save Oct 1 – 21


Shop & Save Oct 1 – 21




 Starkrimson-Pear California Organic Starkrimson Pears Per Pound 1.79 1.99
 Valencia-Oranges California Organic Valencia Oranges Per Pound 1.29 2.99
 Celery California
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Shop & Save Sept 17 – 30


Shop & Save

Sept 17 – 30

Produce Sale Regular
California Organic Celery Per Pound 0.79 1.99
California Organic Gala Apples Per Pound 1.99 3.99
California Organic Red Leaf
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