Seed Catalogs: Where Purple is the New Green


Seed Catalogs: Where Purple is the New Green

By Ari Levaux

Few pieces of reading material can fuel ambition like a seed catalog. They arrive in the mail during the darkest days of the year, offering warm hopes and delicious dreams of lush vegetation and tasty produce, a welcome contrast to the dismal, frigid conditions outside the window. I study seed catalogs with the obsession that an auto enthusiast would pour into Car & Driver, and the motivation that a climber feels when thumbing through Rock & Ice, and the focused passion I once reserved for another catalog that once came in the mail, from Sears. Read More

Recipe: Can’t be Beet Vegan Devil’s Food Cake

Beet Cake

Beets not only lend a rich color to this dazzling dessert, but make it decadently delicious and healthy as well. This recipe could also make a lovely bundt cake!
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What is “Eating Right?”


by Ruby Lathon, PhD

We all know we should “eat right” if we want to be healthy, but unfortunately, a lot of folks don’t know what that really means. I’ve been studying the notion of “eating right” for a few years now and each year I’ve gained more and more knowledge about what a healthy, or what I like to call an “optimal” diet, really is. During my cancer recovery, I really dug into what eating right means and consistently found core principles. Read More

Heart-healthy Foods for National Heart Month


Heart-healthy Foods for National Heart Month

By Katherine Mullé

February is National Heart Month! Unfortunately for our hearts, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiovascular disease—including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure—is the number one cause of death in the United States for both men and women. To quote the wise Hippocrates, “let food be thy medicine,” and give your heart some love with these heart-healthy foods this season. Read More

Olive Oil: Heart Healthy and Delicious


By JR Riegel

Everybody knows how delightful it can be to bite into the crunchy crust of some fresh bread just dipped in olive oil, salt, and pepper. It’s a simple combination, but the rich and complex flavors of olive oil do wonders when they’re allowed to come to the fore. Read More