Plan for a Peaceful Holiday


By Dr. Cheryl Lentz

Are you tired of always feeling you are putting out fires around this time of year? Do you feel you are always rushing from one holiday event to the next? Overwhelmed and over worked? Let’s find a different way to enjoy the holidays this year and become a holiday planner and list maker. Taking just a few minutes to plan your time and plan your events often allows one to feel more in control of the holidays. No one plans to fail, they often simply fail to plan. Read More

Saving Green this Holiday Season!


By Katherine Mullé

The holiday season is a favorite time of year for many. As we are often swept away in a whirlwind of holiday parties, spending time with family, braving the mall for that perfect gift, attending fun get-togethers and participating in meaningful celebration, sometimes it can be easy to forget what the holidays mean for our environment. According to The Use Less Stuff Report, in the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and Christmas), Americans generate 25% more waste than any other time of year, which translates to 25 million total extra tons of garbage, or about 1 million extra tons per week. Here are some tips to do your part in reducing waste and staying green this holiday season! Read More

Shopping Your Values


by Amylee Udell

The recent controversy in our very own Co-op over Eden foods and whether to discontinue carrying their products due to the company’s refusal to cover contraception became very heated. Wherever you stand on that issue, I applaud the time and energy you devoted to learning about the issue and coming to a decision. I would love for more consumers to take that effort and apply it toward other issues, products and companies! Activism and consumerism CAN be positively connected. And the bottom line is the most effective protest – the one a company will hear and feel. As the big “buying season” approaches, how can we help our consumerism match our activism? Read More

Bag Credit Donation of the Month: Habitat for Humanity


By Beth Goldman, Habitat for Humanity

“My name is Maria and as a single mother raising three children, holding two or three jobs in order for me to sustain our home, living has been really hard. We have been renting a small apartment in not a really safe part of the city; this is because that’s all we can afford through these past years. Now we are partnering with Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity who is making a huge change in our lives. Thanks to organizations like Habitat, the opportunities for my family to own our home is like a dream that came true.” Read More

20th Annual “Make A Child Smile” Holiday Giving Tree


Celebrating Two Decades of Sharing, Caring, and Cooperation for a Brighter Future

During each holiday season, Co-op members have shared resources and helped fulfill the holiday needs and wishes of children experiencing hardships in our communities. Every year we ask for your help in letting some very special children and families know that we as a community will, despite tough economic times, continue to be there for one another. Read More