Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Rice Pudding

Serves 4; Prep time: 40 minutes; Total time: 1 hour

  • 1 cup Arborio rice
  • 1.5 cups almond milk (or cashew milk, flax milk, etc.)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 coconut sugar
  • 1 cup pumpkin purée (or sweet potato)
  • Pinch clove
  • Pinch allspice
  • 1 inch fresh ginger grated
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp orange zest

In a 2 quart saucepan combine rice, almond milk (or milk of your choice), orange zest, sea salt and cinnamon stick. Over high heat, bring rice to a boil and then immediately reduce heat to low and cover. Cook for 20 minutes or until liquid has been absorbed. Keep at low heat. Stir in the rest of the ingredients and cook about 5–7 more minutes. Refrigerate until cold. Serve with vegan whipped cream.


Holiday Catering


Give the gift of time by ordering holiday snacks, meals and sides from your favorite La Montañita Co-op Deli!
Let our professional Deli Chefs create or complement a holiday meal for you, your friends and family.


Click below to see the great selection of holiday catering options for you this year.


Ordering is Easy! To Place an Order:

  • Click here to download the holiday catering menu or pick one up at one of our Delis.
  • Call in your order, or stop by and place your order in person.
  • Orders will be accepted up to three days before the holiday or other scheduled pickup day.

You can order by phone or in person at these Co-op locations:


La Montañita Co-op Awarded $500k Grant

By Benjamin Bartley, Value Chain Specialist, La Montañita Cooperative Distribution Center

The USDA’s Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) supports organizations across the country that help farmers and ranchers sell their product locally. The Co-op can now be counted as one of those organizations. La Montañita was recently awarded $500,000 to support our work in creating market opportunities for New Mexico growers.

More than 350 applicants submitted LFPP proposals this year; La Montañita was among the 14% of organizations who were ultimately chosen for funding. The Co-op was selected for this competitive grant opportunity in large part because of our solid track record for sourcing locally—the USDA prioritizes applicants that are effective and proven actors within their local food economy, and in 2016 the Co-op sold more than $10 million in regional products.

La Montañita’s proposal was also a compelling use of LFPP funds; this grant will greatly increase the Co-op’s capacity to continue developing our local food system. In short, this three-year grant will allow us to:

  • Conduct production planning with our New Mexico vendors, aligning local supply of fruits, vegetables, and proteins with local demand.
  • Modernize La Montañita’s Cooperative Distribution Center, increasing our ability to serve more wholesale customers.
  • Launch a USDA-accredited GroupGAP program for local growers, lowering the cost and burden of securing food safety certifications and increasing market access for participating farmers.

These three activities are mutually supportive; each effort strengthens our ability to achieve the others. They also build upon La Montañita’s current value chain work—as a result of this grant, the Co-op will be expanding its Value Chain Team through the hire of a new staff member, increasing the amount of time and labor that we can dedicate to supporting our local vendors

La Montañita will also be joining an innovative group of food hubs and cooperatives that have piloted similar GroupGAP programs. In the spirit of cooperation, GroupGAP makes it easier for growers of all sizes to join together and apply as a group to receive USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification. By participating in the group, growers get to share resources and certification costs, operate under a single, central quality management system, and develop a pool of diverse product offerings for buyers.

It is because of our support, participation, and advancement of innovative initiatives like these that La Montañita is recognized as a local food system leader. And we become stronger as a Co-op by operating with these kinds of values, exemplified by our receiving grants like the USDA Local Food Promotion Program.

But La Montañita is similarly defined by cooperation, and by giving back to our broader community of practice. Earlier this fall, for instance, the Co-op was asked to share its experience and best practices around social justice and value chain coordination with more than 200 of its food system peers—to learn more, you can watch the online recording of the Wallace Center webinar, “How Regional Food System Investment Creates More Equitable Communities.”

As a member-owner of La Montañita, your regular patronage of local foods is what makes all of this possible. Thank you for supporting your local co-op, and for making La Montañita a leader in local food systems development!

2017 Annual Owner Gathering


Thanks to all who attended this year’s Annual Owner Gathering! It was a very nice evening of good company, delicious food and all sorts of updates on how we’ve done over the last year.



Save the date for La Montañita Co-op’s Annual Member-Owner Gathering!

This year’s gathering will be held at the Farmers’ Market Pavilion by the Santa Fe Railyard on Saturday, October 21.

Click to see the 2017 Annual Owner Gathering Agenda

RSVP and current Co-op membership required. Primary member-owner may bring along household members on their membership, up to the limit of two household members per La Montañita Co-op Bylaws section 1.2. If you’d like to bring children who put your total RSVP count above 3, contact our Membership Department before RSVPing:


If you’re interested in attending but are not a member-owner, you’ll first need to join La Montañita Co-op. You can learn more about becoming a member-owner here. To join, simply stop by any of our locations and tell one of our friendly cashiers that you’d like to become a member-owner — it’s easy!

Annual Member-Owner Gathering

Save the date for La Montañita Co-op’s Annual Member-Owner Gathering!

This year’s gathering will be held at the Farmers’ Market Pavilion by the Santa Fe Railyard on Saturday, October 21. Details are still being worked out by the Member Engagement Committee, the Board of Directors, and the Co-op’s Membership Department, but as details are finalized, they will be updated here. If you want to find out as soon as there’s more information, you can subscribe to The Scoop, our weekly Co-op community update.

RSVP and current Co-op membership required. Primary member-owner may bring along household members on their membership, up to the limit of two household members per La Montañita Co-op Bylaws section 1.2. If you’d like to bring children who put your total RSVP count above 3, contact our Membership Department before RSVPing:


If you’re interested in attending but are not a member-owner, you’ll first need to join La Montañita Co-op. You can learn more about becoming a member-owner here. To join, simply stop by any of our locations and tell one of our friendly cashiers that you’d like to become a member-owner — it’s easy!

Organic Chile Roast


La Montañita Co-op Organic Chile Roast
Saturday, September 16
901 Menaul Blvd. NE, ABQ

Join La Montañita Co-op for our first Organic Chile Roast! You pick your favorite organic Seco Spice chiles and we’ll roast them while you enjoy lunch at our outdoor cookout, live music, a beer garden with Marble Brewery and more. Sample, shop and stroll through our Chile Roast Market, or get a little yoga in (from 11–noon) while we roast up your chiles!

We’ll be roastin’ and grillin’ from 11am to 3pm — come join us at the Co-op Distribution Center for music, food & plenty of fun. Tour the Distribution Center and see how the co-op food hub network is growing our access to healthy local and organic food.

All are invited to the first La Montañita Co-op Organic Chile Roast on Saturday, September 16, at 901 Menaul Blvd. NE in Albuquerque from 11am to 3pm. Hope to see you there!


Please note: close-toed shoes are required in the Distribution Center. If you’d like to join one of the tours, wear close-toed shoes to the event or bring a pair that you can change into for the tour.

Now Roasting

We’re now roasting Seco Spice organic chile, fresh from the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. Come by for some freshly roasted chile available in three levels of spiciness, or just come enjoy that great roasting smell in the air. For specific roasting time information, call your favorite La Montañita location.



Local Spotlight: Seco Spice

As summer draws near its end, nothing lets you know that fall is just around the corner quite like the smell of roasted chile. A distinct smoke and spice smell swirling through the unpredictable New Mexico air dissipates into our big blue Land of Enchantment sky.

Over the past 40 years, La Montañita Co-op has been providing the best produce in New Mexico and we’ve done so by partnering with New Mexico’s top producers. One of these partners is Seco Spice, one of the largest organic chile and spice producers in the state, who has been bringing exceptional chile for over 20 years from their home to yours. This family-owned business grows many varieties of chiles and spices, but is best known for their red and green chile.

Since the turn of the century, when the Ogaz family came to the Hatch Valley, farming chile has become their tradition and their passion. For three generations they have researched and discovered the most effective techniques for growing and harvesting chile from seed to soil.

Seco Spice produces 6 million dry pounds of chile and processes over 500 tons of fresh green chile annually! All of their products are certified Kosher and most are certified organic. Recently their red and green chile have received organic certification.

The essence of New Mexico is what makes for world renowned green chile, according to Seco Spice: “We like to think we know why our New Mexico Chile tastes better than any other chile grown in the USA or across the world. We firmly believe that chile grown in New Mexico tastes better in much the same way that the French wine regions believe they make the finest wines, as does California’s Napa Valley. We all agree. Our products are the best because of our heritage, our water, our air, and our local soil.” It’s hard to argue with that.

This unique green chile is good for your health. High in vitamin A (dry chile) and vitamin C (fresh), the chiles contain many times more vitamin C than a single orange. Their vibrant color signals the presence of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which supports the cardiovascular system, healthy eyes, skin, and the immune system. They do not contain fat and block the body’s absorption of cholesterol. And that is just the short list!

What is more difficult to agree on is: Red? Or green? The answers that surround this inevitable question are passionate. Can’t we all get along? After all, it is the same plant, just picked at different times. Whether it’s red or green, we can agree nothing says Nuevo Mexico like our signature roasted chile. Keep your nose up; you’ll be smelling the sweet smell of fall soon enough. Find all your chile fixes at any neighborhood La Montañita Co-op. We will be roasting Seco Spice’s Organic Green Chile!

For more on Seco Spice, you can visit their website:

Local Farmer Spotlight: Sage Creations

Local Farmer Spotlight: Sage Creations

Sage Creations is a diversified, certified organic and family-run farm located in Palisade, Colorado. Palisade is on the Rocky Mountains’ western slope, in an area famous for its high-quality fruit due to an ideal dry climate of hot days and cool nights.

Owner Paola Legarre has worked in organic farming and marketing for the last 20 years. Her strong beliefs in conserving the environment and maintaining a healthy place for her family and future generations has always been her priority. Her day-to-day decisions on her farm reflect these beliefs.

Paola and her husband Bobby manage the farm and maintain their cherry orchard and lavender fields using sustainable farming practices, nourishing soil life free of herbicides or synthetic fertilizers and encouraging beneficial insects through diverse plant hedgerows, beekeeping, companion planting and insect releases.

Sage Creations seasonally grows and sells sweet cherries, heirloom tomatoes, potted culinary herbs, lavender plants and array of lavender products ranging from lotions and essential oils to neck wraps, eye pillows and wreaths.

Although growing all these crops while maintaining USDA Organic Certification can be costly, the long-term perspective on organic practices shows us that it is actually less costly and more advantageous overall because of the positive impacts on the environment and our health.


Sage Creations Organic Basics

Sage Creations is focused on their commitment to organic practices through:
• Building healthy soils, the cornerstone of organic farming practices.
• No damaging tilling; cover cropping; intercropping between rows, planting grasses and legumes whenever possible; use of farm-made compost rotating annual crops; use of organic fertilizers which come from plants, animals and minerals.
• Controlling weeds through mechanical and biological methods: natural and biodegradable mulches, cover crop to outcompete weeds; hoe by hand; use woven weed barriers.
• Controlling pests & disease through non-synthetic pesticides and biological methods: crop rotation; use of pheromone disrupters; natural biological controls; introduce beneficial insects; maintaining beneficial insects and pollinators by maintaining barrier plantings that attract them.

LOCAL Picuris Pueblo Charcoal

Pick up a bag of LOCAL Picuris Pueblo natural charcoal for grilling season, $12.99 for an 8lb bag while supplies last. Support local and make your grilling extra tasty while you’re at it!


Nestled in a setting of serene beauty in what is known as the “Hidden Valley” of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Picuris Pueblo is one of the oldest American Indian villages, consistently inhabited since about 1000 C.E. Once one of the largest northern pueblos, today the Picuris population has shrunk to just 350. Largely responsible for this decline is the period of revolt from 1680-1696, when all of the Pueblos fought the Spanish conquerors for their land and their autonomy. Picuris remains one of the most isolated of the Rio Grande villages.

Abiding by the Tribal principle of giving back to Mother Nature before you receive, the Pueblo’s Forestry Department is currently focused on sustainable forests, restoration and working towards a better quality of life for all species. By cutting invasive plants and hazardous growth and utilizing all slash and biomass for restoration, the Forestry Department is greatly decreasing the threat of catastrophic wild fires. Picuris charcoal is a product of the Pueblo’s commitment to forest restoration. Made from natural wood, it burns hotter and cleaner than briquette charcoal. Because there are no chemical additives, it enhances the natural flavors in your food while adding no chemical flavor of its own.

Now the Tribe is positioned as the premier source for all-natural wood charcoal in north-central New Mexico. Picuris will continue to focus on forest restoration to preserve the environment and benefit local residents and communities.

More info:

27th Annual EarthFest

2017 EarthFest  •  Sunday, April 23  •  10am–5:30pm  •  Behind our Nob Hill store

La Montañita Co-op Food Market is proud to announce EarthFest 2017! Join the tradition of celebrating the Earth behind La Montañita’s Nob Hill store (3500 Central Blvd.) on Sunday, April 23 from 10a – 5:30p. Admission is free and the whole family (yup, even your furry friends) are welcome!

Each year La Montañita takes over Silver Ave. between Carlisle Blvd. and Tulane Ave. and makes room for hundreds of local vendors, social and economic justice organizations, environmental advocacy groups, performers and, of course, La Montañita’s delicious deli foods.

The two-block party has a large stage front and center where attendees can enjoy a variety of performances throughout the day while walking about to purchase starter plants early in the spring season and receive gardening and farming information from experts in their field. You may even run across a petting zoo filled with baby goats from one of La Montañita’s local vendors, The Old Windmill Dairy. With so much going on, be sure to come early and enjoy all that La Montañita Co-op EarthFest has to offer as it celebrates our local community and planet.

For more information and questions about La Montañita Co-op’s EarthFest, check out page 1 of April’s Co-op Connection newsletter or contact Robin Seydel, Community Advocacy, at

Santa Fe Earth Day BBQ  •  Saturday, April 22  •  11:30am–2:30pm  •  Santa Fe Store

Santa Fe: Celebrate Earth Day with your Co-op on Saturday, April 22, from 11:30am–2:30pm. Enjoy delicious grass-fed or veggie burgers, hot dogs and all the BBQ fixin’s you’ve been dreaming of all winter. While you eat, tap your toes to the great sounds of the Shiners Club Swing/Jazz Band. All profits from this BBQ will go to the Santa Fe Watershed Association.

Gallup: Join us on Saturday, April 22, from 1:30–4:00pm in the Gallup location’s parking lot for live music, free fruit & lemonade, a dance performance by the Foundations of Freedom Performing Arts Center, educational booths featuring local environmental organizations and more.

Westside: On Saturday, April 22, we’re giving away reusable shopping bags with a little Earth Day surprise inside when you spend $10 or more. Use them when you’re shopping in the future to save resources and to make a difference through our Donate-a-Dime program! April bag credit donations will go to the Friends of Valle de Oro Wildlife Refuge.

For location addresses or contact information, visit our website: