Soltero de Queso Vegan

Soltero de Queso 1

From Adrienne Weiss

Soltero de Queso, a specialty of the Andean city of Arequipa, is loosely translated as “Bachelor’s Salad,” but would indeed be a healthy, Read more

Our Co-op: Restoring the Earth


By Katherine Mullé

As a community-owned consumer cooperative, La Montañita believes in the shared benefits of healthy food, a strong local economy, and sound environmental practices… Read more

A Path Forward: Bosque Restoration


By Michael Jensen

On February 9th, work began on a wide crusher-fines trail in the Bosque from the Central Avenue bridge north to the I-40 bridge.

The trail is one of two components of… Read more

Creamy Avocado-Tomato Salsa

Avocado Tomato Salsa

From Adrienne Weiss

This juicy salsa hails from Venezuela, where it’s known as “Guasacaca” and is used as a condiment. It’s not as much a guacamole as it Read more

Safe Use of Technology: Critical for Health and EASY!


By John McPhee

There are now an estimated 6,000 studies demonstrating the damaging health effects from cell towers, antennas, and Wi-Fi technology. In spite of this, there has been… Read more

Alan Imai on Natural Agriculture: Simple, Sustainable, and Cooperative with Nature


By Father Seraphim

A step closer to nature than the organic approach, Nature Agriculture is a simple and unique approach to farming and gardening that recommends the cultivation … Read more

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Blackened Tofu

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad

From Adrienne Weiss

Silky rice noodles, cool cucumbers, seasonal asparagus and refreshing mint are spiced up with chili garlic sauce for a great simple springtime meal or specialRead more

How Would Gandhi Approach the Climate Crisis?


By Maria Rotunda, Santa Fe Citizens’ Climate Lobby

There is a story that Mark Reynolds, Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Executive Director, tells to all new Citizens’ Climate… Read more

Time of Important Choices: Taking Action for Life


By JR Riegel

We have the privilege of living in an extremely important time for the world. What we do now will determine our lasting impact as a species, and unlike most other significant… Read more

La Montañita Co-op’s 25th Annual Earth Fest: 4/19 @ Nob Hill!


Join us for a day of friends and FUN coming together for environmental action! Sunday, April 19, on Silver Street between Carlisle and Tulane, behind the Nob Hill Co-op, 3500 CentralRead more