Flash in the Pan: Fat and Flavor


By Ari Levaux

The dark, cold days are here and fat is in season. The just past holidays and the accompanying onslaught of rich feasts present an opportunity to think about fat, and there… Read more

GMOs in the News: EPA Approves Dow’s “Enlist Duo”—AGAIN!


By Stephanie Davio, Beyond Pesticides

Despite overwhelming opposition, last fall EPA gave Dow AgroSciences the green light to release Enlist Duo™ on a new wave of genetically-engineered… Read more

How to Keep Those “Eat Better” New Year’s Resolutions


By Katherine Mullé

New Year’s is a time of new resolutions and new goals. Whether you simply feel a little sluggish from all the extra indulgences over the holidays, or you want to… Read more

Fresh Winter Produce: Veritable Vegetable and Our Shared Values


By Ro D’Atillo, Nob Hill and Valley Produce Team Leader

One thing that makes La Montanita’s produce department and its wide variety of organic produce different from the natural… Read more

New Mexico Organic Farming Conference: February 20-21, 2015


By Joanie Quinn, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Organic Program

The Executive Director of the Rodale Institute, “Coach” Mark Smallwood, will headline this year’s… Read more

Cold and Flu Remedies


Don’t get caught! Start this new year off strong by taking extra care of your immune system. Whether you’re in search of a new healing tea or the perfect homeopathic remedy,Read more

How (and why!) to Shop the Co-op—Getting the Best Value For Your Food Dollars


By Robin Seydel

My mother always said, “you get what you pay for.” Passing decades have seen an erosion of that understanding and a fascination with all things “cheap.” Not… Read more

Chipotle Almond Truffles

Chipotle Almond Truffles

These creamy truffles have a subtle, smoky bite from the chipotle powder. If a more fiery chocolate is desired, add up to 1/2 teaspoon additional chipotle powder. Regular chili powder… Read more

Veteran Farmer Project Update: Moving the Farm and Upcoming Classes


By Robin Seydel

Our Thanks!

As many of you have noted, we have packed up and are in the process of moving our farm. We had three wonderful years downtown between Gold and Silver and 1stRead more

The La Montanita Fund: Local Investing Provides Capital for Food System Growth


By Robin Seydel

In 2015, the La Montanita Fund marks its fourth year of operation. Over the years, we have climbed up our steep learning curve, and what an exciting hike it’s been! … Read more