Veteran Farmer Project Update: Moving the Farm and Upcoming Classes


By Robin Seydel

Our Thanks!

As many of you have noted, we have packed up and are in the process of moving our farm. We had three wonderful years downtown between Gold and Silver and 1stRead more

The La Montanita Fund: Local Investing Provides Capital for Food System Growth


By Robin Seydel

In 2015, the La Montanita Fund marks its fourth year of operation. Over the years, we have climbed up our steep learning curve, and what an exciting hike it’s been! … Read more

The MANY Benefits of Buying Bulk


By Robin Seydel

If anything symbolizes the various benefits of the Co-op shopping experience, it’s the bulk department. While most chain stores now sell a few things in bulk, it … Read more

Polish Mushroom Soup


This hearty soup made with an assortment of mushrooms, such as crimini, porcini, maitake and shiitake, is a rich, earthy take on traditional “Old World Polish Mushroom Soup.”… Read more

“Donate a Dime” Organization of the Month: National Dance Institute NM


Every month, La Montañita sponsors a local community-based organization through our Donate a Dime bag credit program.

By Miya King-Flaherty, NDI

National Dance Institute New … Read more

Our Food System is Broken: Let’s Do Something About It


By Sally Fallon, edited by Iginia Broccalandro

We all know that our food system is broken. The question is: how do we solve the mess? Clearly, attempts to change the opinions of federal… Read more

Ocean-based Fish Farming at Odds with Organic Standard


By Cameron Harsh, Center for Food Safety

In October, Center for Food Safety (CFS) released a comprehensive, scientific report detailing why ocean-based aquaculture (fish farming)… Read more

Albuquerque and Santa Fe Stand Up for Public Health Issues on Factory Farms


City councils call on Congress to stop unnecessary use of antibiotics

By Eleanor Bravo, Food and Water Watch

Food & Water Watch and public health advocates, including La Montanita… Read more

Your Co-op’s Got the Giving Spirit All Year Long


By Robin Seydel

As a community-owned organization, we feel it is part of our mission to support the community that supports the Co-op. To that end, the Co-op is continually looking … Read more

High Altitude Baking


From the King Arthur Flour Company

The higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure. While this is an excellent environment for training athletes, it is a difficult one for baking… Read more