Spring Starts are here!


We’ve got certified organic starts from Bethany Farm available at Nob Hill; they are beautiful! It’s the perfect time to plant your garden.

I’ve owned the Co-op since…


I’ve owned the Co-op since…

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Sweet Grass Beef


Sweet Grass Beef

Sweet Grass Cooperative is comprised of ranchers who have a passion for the Western tradition of family-owned ranches. They have a passion for the land, for the animals, and for the well-being of their families and their communities.

While many of the ranches are certified organic, all of the ranches raise grass-fed, grass-finished animals in a manner that is good for the land and consistent with the humane treatment of animals. Cattle are meant to eat grass, and the cattle of the Sweet Grass Cooperative do just that; they are left to graze the lush grasses of the Western ranges and are never sent to feed lots.

Sweet Grass Cooperative markets and sells these animals to local markets, like La Montanita Co-op.

Sweet Grass Cooperative started in the spring of 2010. They humanely raise cattle on pristine pastures in New Mexico and Colorado and are never fed grain. The beeves are processed in Colorado in a small plant.

Learn more about Sweet Grass here.

Camino De Paz Goat Milk Products Now in Albuquerque!

Support A Local Farm School!

Camino De Paz Goat Milk Products Now in Albuquerque!

Camino De Paz Goat Milk products, a long time favorite in Santa Fe, are now available at the Albuquerque Co-op locations (Nob Hill, Rio Grande, and West Side).

Camino De Paz is a goat farm/Montessori school for middle school aged kids. Students spend time on the farm and in the classroom, studying a curriculum that ties into the everyday work on the farm, supporting the business by learning in a practical and experiential manner. Camino De Paz, a grade A goat dairy, offers delicious high quality goat milk, yogurt, chevre, feta, and cajeta (sweet goat milk caramel sauce, delicious on apples or ice cream!), all at a reasonable price. All of their products are packed in glass and carry a 50 cent refundable deposit. The goats are fed a NON-GMO feed supplied by Embudo Organics!!!

We are proud to offer these fine products and support this progressive agricultural and educational endeavor.

Disclaimer: Raw milk not sold in Albuquerque locations, La Montanita’s Albuquerque locations offer flash pasteurized milk.

For more information about Camino de Paz, visit their website at!