Share Your Co-op Story

October is Co-op Month! This year we claim Oct. 25 as Co-op Staff appreciation day. We’d love to hear which co-op staff people you love, and why. And it doesn’t have to be just La Montañita! Visited REI lately? Stopped through your credit union and gotten exceptional service? Share your stories here before Oct 25. On that day, we’ll raffle off great prizes like a $25 gift certificate to shop the co-op.

At La Montañita we love sharing stories. As a community, our collective voice matters. We’d love to hear your Co-op story. Tell us about an experience at one of our stores, a favorite product, a community event or experience that reflects Co-op values, a recipe, or anything that you feel is important to share with your community. We will publish stories after review of each submission and let you know when it goes live.

By submitting a story, you give La Montañita Co-op permission to publish your story on our website or in our newsletter. Thanks, again, for sharing.

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