December 21, 2010

Board Present: Martha Whitman, Marshall Kovitz, Ariana Marchello, Kristy Decker, Stephanie Dobbie, Roger Eldridge, Susan McAllister, Peter Nardini, Tamara Saimons, Betsy VanLeit

Board Not Present: Bill Bright, Denise Dorman,

Also Present: Terry Bowling, John Mulle, Michelle Franklin, John Heckes (Co-op Staff), Jennifer Cornish, Irene Schneider, Auditor, Brian Reinhardt, Co-op Members, Margaret Salamon and Don Davis, Member and Speaker, Chantal Foster and members of The Sweet Grass Co-op, Sage Faulkner, George Whitten, Julie Sullivan, and Leroy Salazar.

The meeting started at 5:35 p.m. at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque. The meeting was facilitated by Jennifer Cornish and notes were taken by Irene Schneider.

1. General Welcome and Introductions

2. Approve the Agenda – The Agenda was approved as presented.

3. Item Title: Member Comments
Issues Raised: Members of the Sweet Grass Co-op were welcomed and introduced. President Leroy Salazar spoke briefly of the mission of the Sweet Grass Co-op which is comprised of seven certified organic ranches committed to grass fed ranching.
Actions Required: None

4. Item Title: Election Report
Issues Raised: Marshall moved and Betsy seconded to approve the Election Report. Marshall reported the results of the election noting that Roger Eldridge, Ariana Marcello and Kristy Decker were elected to 3 year terms and Peter Nardini to a 1 year term.
Actions Taken: The Election report was approved unanimously.
Actions Required: None.

5. Item Title: Auditor’s Report for Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2010
Issues Raised: Brian distributed copies of the fiscal year-end financial report, noting that the report consisted of a review rather than an audit focusing on significant areas that are reviewed on a rotating basis. Brian reviewed the report based on Key Financial Indicators and stated that there were no material modifications or adjustments and that the financials were found to be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
Actions Required: None.

6. Item Title: Consent Agenda – All
a) Board Minutes November 2010
b) Member Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes – November 22, 2010
c) Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – December 8, 2010
d) Board Development Committee Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2010

Issues Raised: Martha moved and Betsy seconded to approve the Consent Agenda
Issues Raised: Roger addressed several corrections to the November Board Minutes.
Actions Taken: The Consent Agenda was approved unanimously. Irene will make necessary amendments to the November Board Minutes.

7. Item Title: Management Monitoring Reports – December 2010
Issues Raised: Marshall moved and Roger seconded to approve the Management Monitoring Reports. Based on Terry’s report proposing no changes to Auditor’s findings on Policy X5.2, Martha commented for the Monitoring Check Sheet that she and Marshall discussed with Brian whether the Board had fulfilled its obligation to make sure that Terry is meeting reviewer’s standards. His opinion was that the Board has done its job by retaining the services of an external financial consultant, and that Terry’s actions represented an acceptable risk.
Actions Taken: The Management Monitoring Reports were approved unanimously.
Actions Required: None

8. Item Title: Board Study – Social Media – Susan/Martha
Issues Raised: Chantal Foster, Web Designer and Publisher of Duke City Fix provided a presentation on social media. She discussed the various types of social media and provided suggestions for implementing a La Montanita social media strategy. Chantal reviewed the La Montanita web site and provided strategies for satisfying the existing audience and strategies for reaching new audiences. Her recommendation, after establishing outcomes and goals, was to identify the audience, identify the goals, identify some experiments to try, make sure technology is in place to allow for the experiments, and to delete the second Face book profile.

Questions to Chantal:

• Should the board have its own website?
o The #1 strength is that we sell products that people buy and if we divorce ourselves from that function, we just become a promotional body unconnected to the products and emotional aspect of the business.
• How can we use the website to garner interest in the election process?
o Utilizing an on-line ballot after addressing outreach methods, but transitioning using both paper and on-line forms initially.
• What is your sense of using the short video?
o It is another tool that could be part of the strategy.
• How would you, as a consultant, advise the co-op to make this happen? .
o Establish the framework, create a City Fix profile, and try a couple of experiments. Hire someone to help create a more formal strategy.


• Martha suggested that the Member Engagement Committee take the last two studies and create a plan to make the outcome happen.
• Susan suggested a subcommittee, such as the Comix Subcommittee, might be a model to use that works on overall strategy.
• Marshall noted that this was a game changing perspective from the role of governance.

9. Item Title: Board Functioning – All
Issues Raised:

• As the Nominating Committee is engaged in year-round recruiting, Marshall asked to hear from the board members whose terms will be expiring this coming year so that needs can be identified.
• Martha announced the following Board Training:
a) NCGA 2011 Spring Session, Saturday March 26 in Portland Oregon
b) Board Spring Retreat – Tentatively scheduled for May 28
c) CCMA – June 16-18 in San Diego

10. Title: Administrative Assistant Duties/Assignments – All
Issues Raised: The Task List was reviewed and it was noted that Item 3 and Items 6 through 13 had been completed.
Actions Required: Irene will update the Task List.

11. Item Title: Meeting Evaluation
Issues Raised: The following comments were made:

• The presentation on social media shifted the focus in many ways.
• Enjoyed the feedback from the Sweet Grass Group.
• Everyone found Chantal’s ideas and recommendations very useful and there was general agreement to pursue them.
• Development of Social Media by the Member Engagement Committee might be a good starting point, but might deserve a committee of its own.
• The social media survey provided an idea on the amount of time involved.

12. Item Title: Next Meeting Agenda Construction
Issues Raised: Martha stated that the next meeting would include a review of the 2nd Half of R Self-Assessment.

13. Adjourn regular session at 8:00 p.m.