Owner Deals

Featuring bi-monthly sales hand-picked by our promotions team in collaboration with our staff to provide a valuable shopping experience for our owners. We try to cover a wide range of products, so you can always find something to save on when you visit your favorite La Montañita location!

Owner Deals, February 14 — February 27


Red Duck Organic Barbeque Sauce 17oz
Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Bars 6oz
Artisana Organic Nut Butters 1.06oz
Bionaturae Organic Balsamic Vinegar 17oz
Bionaturae Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4oz
BRAGG Organic Salad Dressings 12oz
Edward & Sons Organic Bread Crumbs 10.5-15oz
Equal Exchange Organic Whole Bean or Gound Coffee 10-12oz Select Varieties
Ginger People Ginger Candy 3-3.5oz
Jovial Organic Tomatoes 18.3oz
Jovial Organic Sourdough Crackers 4.5oz
Living Raw Organic Truffles 1.59-1.64oz
Oregon Chai Organic Chai Concentrate 32oz
Sesmark Crackers 3.2-4.25oz
Sweet Leaf Stevia Plus Fiber Powder 4oz
Sweet Leaf Stevia Clear Sweetener Drops 2oz
Taste Nirvana Coconut Water 9.5oz
Third Street Organic Chai Concentrate 32oz
Tinkyada Rice Pasta 14-16oz
Victoria Vegan Pasta Sauces 18oz


Evan Healy Cleansing Milk 4oz Select Varieties
Evan Healy Rose Face Care Kit each
Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter 1.9oz
Kuli Kuli Green Energy Drinks 2.5oz
Clearly Natural Glycerine Bar Soap 4oz
Olbas Cough Syrup 4oz
Quantum Thera Zinc Spray 2oz
Quantum Super Lysine Plus 90 tab
Soothing Touch Massage Oils 8oz

Dairy & Frozen

Maple Hill Creamery Organic Whole Milk Yogurt 32oz
Hail Merry Mini Miracle Tarts 1.65-1.76oz
Kevita Organic Tonics 15.2oz
Cado Organic Avocado Ice Cream Pint
Field Roast Meatless Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage 9.3oz

Bakery, Meat & Cheese

The Essential Baking Co Gluten Free Breads 10-14oz
Zoe's Uncured Meats 8oz Select Varieties
Farm Fresh Tilapia Fillets Per Pound
20% off
Beeler's Baby Back Ribs Per Pound
20% off
Effie's Homemade British-style Biscuits 7.2oz Select Varieties
15% off
Dream Catcher Local Ranchito Lemon Curd Chevre 8oz
Point Reyes Raw Milk Blue Cheese Per Pound
20% off