Featuring bi-monthly sales hand-picked by our promotions team in collaboration with our staff to provide a valuable shopping experience for our owners. We try to cover a wide range of products, so you can always find something to save on when you visit the Co-op!

Produce Specials Correction: The sale price for corn on the cob sent in most recent E-news was incorrect, and we apologize. Corn on the cob is on sale for owners for $1.49 each, down from $1.99. The $0.99 listed in the E-news is incorrect—sorry about that! If you’d like to receive notification of our produce specials, you can subscribe to the E-news by entering your email in the form at the top of this page, on the right just under the word “organic.”

Owner Deals Flyers:

June 17 – June 30

June 3 – June 16


 Owner Deals, June 17 – June 30


Sale Regular
 California-Olive-Oil California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz 8.99 11.99
 DANG-Coconut-Chips DANG   Natural Toasted Coconut Chips   1.43 oz Select Varieties 1.99 2.79
 L&A-Juice-Blend L & A Natural Juice Blends 32 oz   Select Varieties 30%off price varies
 Late-July-Chips Late July Natural Corn or Multigrain Chips 5.5-6 oz   Select Varieties 2/$5 3.49
 Lukes-Organic-Chips Luke’s   Organic Chips 5 oz Select Varieties 2/$5 3.99
 Sophies-Vegan-Tuna Sophie’s Vegan Toona   6 oz Select Varieties 3.69 4.79
 Spectrum-Natural-Oil Spectrum Natural Cooking Oils 32 oz   Select Varieties 6.99 price varies
 Spectrum-Organic-Oil Spectrum Organic Cooking Oils 32 oz   Select Varieties 9.99 price varies
 Bragg-Liquid-Aminos-16oz BRAGG   Liquid Aminos 16 oz 3.99 4.99
 Bragg-Dressing BRAGG   Organic Salad Dressings 12 oz Select Varieties 3.99 5.79
 Bragg-Liquid-Aminos BRAGG   Liquid Aminos 32 oz 5.99 7.99
 Gimme-Organic-Seaweed Gimme   Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks .92 oz 2.99 3.99
 Gimme-Seaweed-Rice-Chips Gimme   Organic Seaweed Rice Chips 4 oz Select Varieties 3.49 4.79
 Ito-En-Tea-Shots Ito En   Natural Tea Shots 6.4 oz Select Varieties 1.19 1.59
 NEO-Super-Water NEO   Super Water 33.8 oz 2/$3 1.99


Sale Regular
 Boericke-&-Tafel-Florasone-Cream Boericke & Tafel   Florasone Cream 1 oz 6.99 9.99
 Crystal-Deodorant Crystal Natural Deodorant 2.25-4 oz Select Varieties 2.69 3.99
 Desert-Essence-Lip-Balm Desert Essence Lip Rescue   .15 oz Select Varieties 1.59 2.49
 Desert-Essence-Jojoba Desert Essence 100% Jojoba Oil 2 oz 5.49 8.79
 Desert-Essence-Face-Wash Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash 8.5 oz 5.79 8.99
 Eco-Dent-Floss EcoDent Dental Floss 100 yd   Select Varieties 3.49 5.49
 Naturade-Nasal-Spray Naturade Nasal Spray   1.5 oz 6.49 9.79
 One-With-Nature-Bar-Soap One With Nature Natural Bar Soap 7 oz   Select Varieties 2.99 4.79
 Shikai-Shampoo ShiKai   Shampoo or Conditioner 12 oz Select Varieties 5.49 8.39

Dairy & Frozen

Sale Regular
 Maple-Hill-Grass-Fed-Yogurt Maple Hill Organic 100% Grass Fed Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz   Select Varieties 1.99 2.49
 Sophies-Vegan-Seafood Sophie’s Vegan Seafood 4-8.8 oz   Select Varieties 4.69 price varies
 Ciao-Bella-Sorbetto Ciao Bella Sorbetto   14 oz Select Varieties 3.99 5.49
 Tofurky-Deli-Slices Tofurky Meatless Deli Slices 4-5.5 oz   Select Varieties 2.49 2.99
 Good-Belly-Probiotics Good Belly Organic Probiotic Drinks 32 oz   Select Varieties 3.29 3.99
 Maple-Hill-Yogurt Maple Hill Organic 100% Grass Fed Greek Yogurt 16 oz   Select Varieties 4.99 5.99
 julies-ice-cream-quart Julie’s Organic Ice Cream quart   Select Varieties 5.69 7.49


Sale Regular
 food-for-life-english-muffins Food for Life Organic English Muffins 16 oz   Select Varieties 3.99 4.79
 Mi-Rancho-Corn-Tortillas Mi Rancho Organic Corn Tortillas 9.33-12.5 oz 1.99 2.49
 food-for-life-natural-english-muffins Food For Life English Muffins 18 oz   Select Varieties 4.99 5.99
 Mi-Rancho-Ancient-Grain-Tortillas Mi Rancho Ancient Grain Tortillas 10.5 oz 2.59 3.29


Sale Regular
 Chicken-Breast Mary’s   Organic Bone-in Chicken Breast   Per Pound 20%off price varies
 Ribs Kyzer Farm Local Spare Ribs Per Pound 20%off price varies
 Swordfish-Fillets Sword Fish Fillets Per Pound 20%off price varies


Sale Regular
 Brunkows-Brun-Uusto Brunkow Brun-Uusto – 8-10 oz Select Varieties 20%off price varies
 Applegate-Cheese Applegate Farms Natural Cheese Slices 8 oz   Select Varieties 20%off price varies
 Buffalo-Mozzarella Buffalo Mozzarella 4-4.4 oz   Select Varieties 20%off price varies