Owner Deals

Featuring bi-monthly sales hand-picked by our promotions team in collaboration with our staff to provide a valuable shopping experience for our owners.






Sale Regular
 Monte-Bene-Sauce Monte Bene Natural Pasta Sauces 24 oz   Select Varieties 3.99 5.79
 Illy-Coffee Illy Issimo Coffee Drinks 6.8-8.45 oz   Select Varieties 2/$4 2.69
 Food-Mervhants-Polenta Food Merchants Organic Polenta 18 oz   Select Varieties 2.69 3.79
 Love-Grown-Granola Love Grown Natural Granola 12 oz   Select Varieties 2/$7 4.99
 McDougalls-Soup Dr. McDougall’s Natural Low Sodium Soup Cups 1.4-2.1 oz   Select Varieties 1.39 1.69
 Fig-Food-Soup Fig Food Co. Organic Soup 14.5 oz   Select Varieties 3.69 4.79
 Ancient-Harvest-Quinoa Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa 12 oz   Select Varieties 5.99 7.99


Napa Valley Natural Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar 12.7 oz 3.99 5.59
 Napa-Valley-Sesame-Oil Napa Valley Organic Sesame Oil 12.7 oz   Select Varieties 5.69 6.99
 Napa-Valley-Cooking-Oils Napa Valley Natural Seed Cooking Oils 25.4 oz   Select Varieties 7.99 price varies
 Napa-Valley-Balsamic Napa Valley Organic Balsamic Vinegar 12.7 oz 8.99 11.99
 Once-Again-Sunflower-Butter Once Again Organic Sunflower Seed Butter 16 oz 5.99 8.59
 Once-Again-Tahini Once Again Organic Tahini 16 oz 6.99 9.99
 Que-Pasa-Chips Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips 21 oz   Select Varieties 4.29 5.99
 Thai-Kitchen-Coconut-Milk Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk 13.66 oz   Select Varieties 2/$5 3.39


Sale Regular
 Boiron-Chestal Boiron Chestal Cough Syrup 4.2 Select Varieties 4.99 6.99
 Nature's-Gate-Toothpaste Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste 5-6 oz   Select Varieties 3.99 price varies
 Soothing-Touch-Bath-Salts Soothing Touch LOCAL!   Natural Bath Salts 32 oz 8.99 13.99
 DesertEssenceFloss Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Dental Floss 30-50 yd 2.39 price varies
 Giovanni-Don't-Be-Flaky Giovanni Don’t Be Flaky Shampoo or Conditioner 8.5 oz 7.49 11.79
 Similasan-Eye-Drops Similasan Natural Eye Drops .33 oz   Select Varieties 8.49 12.79

Dairy & Frozen

Sale Regular
 Green-Valley-Sour-Cream Green Valley Organic Lactose Free Sour Cream 12 oz 2.99 3.49
 Rebbl-Tonic REBBL   Organic Tonics 16 oz Select Varieties 2.99 3.69
 julies-ice-cream-pint Julie’s Organic Ice Cream Pint   Select Varieties 3.69 4.99
 Nasoya-Tofu Nasoya   Organic Tofu 14-16 oz 1.99 2.59
 Sea-Tangle-Kelp-Noodles Sea Tangle Natural Kelp Noodles 12 oz 3.49 4.49
 Annie-Chun's-Potstickers Annie Chun’s Organic Potstickers 7.6 oz   Select Varieties 3.39 4.59
 Stahlbush-Fruit Stahlbush Island Farms Natural Frozen Fruit 8-10 oz   Select Varieties 2.99 4.39


Sale Regular
 Silver-Hills-Big-Red Silver Hills Organic Big Red`s Sprouted Bread 18 oz 3.39 4.39
 Wow-Cookies WOW Baking Natural Cookies 8 oz   Select Varieties 3.99 4.99
 Silver-Hills-Queens-Khorasan Silver Hills Organic Queen`s Khorasan Bread 18 oz 3.39 4.39


Sale Regular
 Cod Wild Caught Pacific Cod   Per Pound 20%off price varies
 NY-Strip Sweet Grass Coop Grass Fed   Ribeye or NY Strip Steak Per Pound 10%off price varies
 Chicken-Wings Mary’s   Organic or Non GMO Chicken Wings   Per Pound 20%off price varies


Sale Regular
 Organic-Valley-Cheese-Bar Organic Valley Organic Cheese Bars 8 oz   Select Varieties 20%off price varies
 BelGioioso-Aged-Cheddar BelGioioso Natural Aged Cheese Per Pound 20%off price varies
 Raclette Natural Raclette Cheese Per Pound     Select Varieties 20%off price varies