Privacy Policy


La Montañita Co-op is committed to guarding its member-owners’ personal privacy to the highest degree possible, consistent with legitimate business needs and legal requirements.

Protecting the security and privacy of our member-owners is of the utmost importance to La Montañita Co-op.

Only staff authorized to enter and access member-owner information may do so. La Montañita staff will not disclose data supplied by members to anyone at any time.

La Montañita maintains records of financial data in order to calculate patronage dividends and comply with accounting and IRS guidelines. A member-owner database is also maintained.

Uses of

Member addresses may be used to deliver only the following:

  • Notices of membership expiration.
  • Notices of proposed by-laws amendments.
  • Voting ballots for annual elections and by-laws amendments.
  • Annual patronage refund checks and certificates.
  • Co-op event and member discount announcements.
  • Special member savings coupons and newsletters.

Members are entitled to opt out of any or all of the aforementioned communications.

Member purchase data will be accessed for only the following:

  • Calculation of annual patronage refund.
  • Calculation of quarterly purchases for management analysis.

For further information please contact JR at