Run for the Co-op Board

The Members of La Montañita Co-op elect Board members during an election season in the fall of each year. To qualify as a candidate, you must have a membership that has been valid and continuous since at least July 1, 2014 (our bylaws require a candidate to have been a member at least 4 months prior to the start of the election). You must be at least 21 and not a convicted felon. (see Bylaws Section 2.1) Candidates must complete and submit their application by August 20, 2014. Download a complete election packet here.

This year there are four open positions, three 3-year terms and one 1-year term. Candidates are also strongly encouraged to attend our Annual Membership Meeting, held in late October. At the gathering, candidates can introduce themselves to those attending.

The following is our 2014 schedule for meetings and election deadlines:

  • July 1 The date your membership must be valid and active
  • July 15 Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
  • July 20 Nominations begin
  • Aug. 19 Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Aug. 20 Deadline to submit your application
  • Sept. 7 Deadline to have had your endorsement interview
  • Sept. 16 Regular meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Sept. 30 Deadline for candidate to withdraw from the election
  • Oct. 18 Anticipated date for Annual Meeting
  • Nov. 1 Voting commences through November 14th

Co-operatively yours,

The Nominating Committee

Ariana Marchello, amarchello@gmail.com or 505-570-0743

Marshall Kovitz, marshall@swcp.com or 505-256-1241