Sales Events & Promotions

Volume Discount Month — In February and October, member-owners can save anywhere from 10% to 20% off of one transaction, depending on the size of the purchase. If you’re not already a member-owner, Volume Discount Month is a great time to join because you can easily save more than the cost of your membership in one purchase. If you plan ahead to stock up with a big shopping trip, you can save a bundle!

Annual Member-Owner Survey Discount — Every year, we like to find out how we’re doing by asking our member-owners to complete a survey. As our thanks for the time and thought it takes to complete our survey, member-owners receive a 15% discount good for one entire purchase. The Annual Member-Owner Survey is usually held in the summer, either in June or July. Keep an eye out in any of our locations to see when this year’s survey is coming up!

Renewal Discount & Lifetime Member Annual Discount — When a member-owner renews their La Montañita Co-op ownership each year, we give them a renewal discount coupon good for 15% off one entire purchase. Because lifetime member-owners can’t renew their ownership for this discount, we do a little something different for them. Once a year, we send out a 15% discount coupon to our lifetime member-owners. If you’re a lifetime member-owner, make sure your contact information is up to date in our system so you don’t miss your annual 15% discount! You can update your member-owner information here.

Food Hub Specials — By leveraging our position as a food hub and distribution center, we are sometimes able to get great deals by buying from our suppliers in very large quantities. We like to pass these savings onto our shoppers through deep sales on those products. Specials like these are advertised in all La Montañita Co-op locations, so you should always keep an eye out for deals when you’re shopping at the Co-op. Food hub specials are available to all Co-op shoppers, member-owner or not.

Vendor Specials — When a local vendor has a bumper crop that they need to sell through, or when a national vendor is in town showing off their products, we can often find a way to turn that into a sale for all our shoppers. These are a bit unpredictable by their nature, but we’ll make it very visible in our stores when a vendor special is going on. If you see a vendor sharing their product at one of our stores, or if you see a special sale sign by our local produce, be sure to check it out! Vendor specials are available to all Co-op shoppers.

Holiday Specials — When we’re able, we like to organize special sales around holidays to help you save a little money as you prep for your celebrations, or to introduce you to a product you might not have otherwise tried. Previous holiday specials have included local charcoal from Picuris Pueblo for Memorial Day Weekend and health & wellness products leading up to Mother’s Day. Next time a holiday rolls around, stop by and see what we have going on at your favorite La Montañita Co-op location!


Note: Sales events and promotions are subject to change, so although they are usually the same each year, we cannot guarantee that they won’t change in the future.