Your Stories Giving Thanks to Our Amazing Co-op Staff!

Your Stories Giving Thanks to Our Amazing Co-op Staff!

A Second Home

My twice weekly shopping trip to the Nob Hill Co-op is like a treat!  When I enter the store my spirits lift with all the good energy buzzing around.  Friendly and familiar faces greet me. A couple of months ago, Donna and I would have exchanged hugs, but alas, she has moved to the Administrative Offices.  Ahhh, I get to browse through beautiful, fresh, nourishing produce and food products that I can feel good about feeding to my body.   There is Jerry in the produce!!  Smiling, energetic Jerry who always makes sure the produce is perfect. I don’t have to worry about rotten strawberries at the bottom of the container.  He has lovingly sorted and organized the fruits and vegetables.   And we get to exchange news and stories.  As I cruise the aisles, everyone is helpful, warm, and friendly.  At the checkout counter there is Ife or Mark or Chris, smiling and ready to exchange greetings, and to check me out.  My co-op number has already been entered because they know my name!  I feel sure that if circumstances permitted me to get to know them, I would love every one of the co-op staff.  So my appreciation is for all the hard-working staff and the management that provides a positive working environment for its employees!


Westside Story

Wow! I started eating better a few years ago, upped the ante a couple years ago with regular green smoothies, then went to the Rio Grande co-op. I loved it there, but hated crossing the river from my Rio Rancho residence. When the Westside Store(y) opened, I became a regular right away. The people… all of them are so friendly and helpful, it blows me away. I am grateful to all of you, all of the time. The story is only started…..


Where Everybody Knows Your Name

My husband and I shop at the Nob Hill co-op, and we are there at least once a week. I appreciate that many staff have learned our names and don’t even have to ask for my co-op number because they look it up themselves via my name. Some of the many wonderful staff who are always friendly and helpful are Adam, Mark, Efe, Becca, Donna, and of course everyone we interact with. Even though I don’t know their names, I get exceptional assistance from produce, beauty, bulk, and deli staff as well. I appreciate having a local grocery such as the co-op where I feel a sense of community. Thank you to the Co-op for offering such a nice variety of health foods for me and my family, friends, and community.


Never a Stranger and My Best Friend

My best friend has worked at the co-op for a very long time.  She has gone from working HBA to being the manager of the Nob Hill store.  She is one of my favorite humans on the planet, so she is my favorite staff member.  I live in Santa Fe, however, and rarely go to her store.  Here I always feel welcome and am able to connect with the staff members that I see all over the store.  I know them and they know me.  The are warm and friendly and make shopping in my neighborhood seem like, well, shopping in my neighborhood.  I love my co-op.


Fantastic, Respectful Staff

Every time I’ve had a question, or requested a certain item, I’ve been treated with respect. If I had a question someone didn’t have an answer to, they asked someone who knew then gave me the answer. If I asked them to have an item in stock they ordered it. Then called and told me when it was there! How fantastic!!!

I love the respect of the employees. It’s an absolutely fantastic place to shop. Thanks so much for being there.


Vegan Options

As a vegan it can be time consuming finding certain products. Every employee has been thoughtful and helpful while assisting me find certain items. It is even better when they are aware what vegan means. The Westside Co-op has become my favorite store!!!

Thank you.



My husband and I love shopping at the Co-op.  In fact, our family and friends tease us because sometimes grocery shopping is our Friday night “date.”  The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and FUN!


Thanks Co-op Staff

Coop staff, I do not know or recall most of your names.  You are there for me.  You help me find things. You check me out. You keep the bulk bins filled.  You select desirable products.

I can’t express appreciation for you individually, just collectively, for adding personal caring to my shopping experience.

Now to mention two by name:

Appreciation to Mark B at check out for his cheer, personal concern, and also for the beautiful photo cards that his wife makes and sells at the store.  Mark and the cards brighten my days.

Appreciation to Derrick, your cheese guy.  He picks out some awesome cheeses and directs me to them.  He continues to stock Cabot’s Sharp Extra Light Cheddar Cheese (a much reduced fat cheese.)  I love cheese but need to avoid fat,  I have not found reduced fat cheeses at other stores, and this one tastes good.


Mr. Cashier

At La Montanita Co-op Santa Fe, there is a cashier who is always fun and personable.  I’m not sure of his name but you’d recognize his style cuz he tells a story with his clothes and he’s always engaging customers.  I love when I get to the check-out and he’s there because I know I’ll walk away with a smile on my face and feeling good inside.  He radiates happiness! Thank you Mr. Cashier.  Next time I’ll catch your name.


Cool Treats, Local Food and Friendly People

I have lived in a lot of states. I grew up in Texas, where Whole Foods had a monopoly, and things like Sprouts and H-E-B did a good job of keeping me fed and happy with discounts, etc. In the last 4 years I’ve lived in New York, North Carolina, Texas, California, and New Mexico, and never- not in NYC or Ashville, or even  at Wheatsville Co-Op in Austin have I seen a co-op that truly lives the Co-Op spirit to me.

Yesterday, when laughing Yoga was canceled and my friends said “Now what” I suggested we go to the co-op. It’s not just a shopping trip, it’s an experience. It’s like coming into someone’s home.

My first interaction with the co-op was the shop in Gallup. Working at a rustic base-camp south of Thoreau, going to Gallup once every week or so is like re-entry into a lost civilization. We have to spend the hours of freedom wisely, and I always make my first stop at the co-op. Michael is always there, friendly and helpful, and trying to convince me to move to Gallup, rice Dream ice cream- a cool, lactose-free summer treat, is always just over a dollar, and I know I can get some super-local produce to counter act all the carbs I’ve been eating at camp.

I know the food is local because I have also sold to the co-op. When our educational desert garden produced more Kale and Chard than a group of 50-100 hungry adults could eat, we tried to sell some at the local farmers market. When we still had ample amounts left, the co-op bought it, made up a sign, and put it out to sell. The Kale we had picked that morning and driven in our van just 30 miles, was now on sale for anyone smart enough to come into the co-op and buy it. Now that’s local.

When a friend of mine on a cross-country trip asked what thing she needed to do before leaving ABQ for Sante Fe on the Turquoise Trail, I sent her to the co-op for some Rice Dream ice cream.