A Path Forward: Bosque Restoration

Family Farmer Seed Co-op: Variety and Quality for Western Growing Conditions

By JR Riegel February is the time when most folks decide what they’ll be growing in the garden and it can be a tough decision with all the seed companies and varieties available. These days, there are so… Read More

Albuquerque’s Urban Waters

By Michael Jensen, Middle Rio Grande Urban Waters Ambassador Water connects everything we do. We drink it, bathe in it, wash our clothes and dishes in it. We water our yards and irrigate our crops with it. We… Read More

Olive Oil: Heart Healthy and Delicious

By JR Riegel Everybody knows how delightful it can be to bite into the crunchy crust of some fresh bread just dipped in olive oil, salt, and pepper. It’s a simple combination, but the rich and complex flavors… Read More

Co-op Community Collaboration: Black History Month Events

By Robin Seydel La Montanita Co-op is pleased to once again be a sponsor of New Mexico’s 2015 Black History Month Celebrations. Black History Month organizer and much loved local, performing artist Catherine McGill writes, “The New Mexico… Read More

Donate-a-Dime Organization of the Month: ¡Explora! Science Center and Children’s Museum

Every month, La Montañita sponsors a local community-based organization through our Donate-a-Dime bag program. Anyone who has a child or children, has ever done child care for a friend or family member, or is a child at heart… Read More

The La Montanita Fund: Local Investing Provides Capital for Food System Growth

By Robin Seydel In 2015, the La Montanita Fund marks its fourth year of operation. Over the years, we have climbed up our steep learning curve, and what an exciting hike it’s been! Starting out, we had no… Read More

The MANY Benefits of Buying Bulk

By Robin Seydel If anything symbolizes the various benefits of the Co-op shopping experience, it’s the bulk department. While most chain stores now sell a few things in bulk, it was the wave of co-op’s formed in the… Read More

Donate-a-Dime Organization of the Month: National Dance Institute NM

Every month, La Montañita sponsors a local community-based organization through our Donate-a-Dime bag program. By Miya King-Flaherty, NDI National Dance Institute New Mexico’s (NDI-NM) mission is focused on education, health, and wellness through dance. We believe that in… Read More

Bake it Local! Your Co-op Carries Local New Mexican Flour

By Sarah Wentzel-Fisher During the holidays, many of us hunker down in the kitchen and look for any excuse to fire up the oven. This year, when gear up for sugar cookies, ginger bread, fruit cake, and other… Read More