YUM. YUM. YUM. Peach-a-licious!

Look for delicious organic peaches fresh from Palisade, Colorado, in stores now! Rancho Durazno organic peaches come from a Colorado valley famous for its fruit.


FoodShed Harvest: Rancho Durazno Peaches

By Robin Seydel

Again this year we are pleased to be working with Rancho Durazno Farm to bring you the very best certified organic peaches. Last year, Thomas was happy to announce that his daughter Gwen was coming back to help run the farm. In late June, Gwen said, “I’ve only been here full-time for three months and every day I am learning new things—like how not to drive over the sprinkler system! I immerse myself in the new work. It’s different; I had been working on a computer everyday—now I get to work with my hands, outside, on a variety of interesting projects.”

Over the years, the Co-op has grown its sales of Rancho Durazno peaches. The Cameron father-and-daughter team agree this is another great peach year and their trees are on track for a full crop of the tastiest peaches you will ever eat.

Located in Palisade, Colorado, Rancho Durazno’s orchards are surrounded by wild lands, desert cliffs and slopes. The warm sunny days, cool nights and just the right amount of precipitation make their farm one of the best sites in a valley famous for its peaches.

Rancho Durazno means “peach farm” in Spanish and as a mature orchardist, the importance of sustainability is not lost on Thomas. He has been building his orchards on his 40 acres for 33 years with care and dedication, and the joy of passing that labor of love onto his daughter is evident in his voice as he says, “It just keeps growing and growing and getting better and better each year. It’s really wonderful!”

Just as each field is passing onto the next generation of trees, so too is this sustainable family farm, with daughters involved and a skilled staff, who, as Thomas says “are the next wave of farm leaders.”

The Co-op Distribution Center (CDC) has been purchasing pallet loads of Rancho Durazno peaches since 2007; this year and for many years to come, the Distribution Center is looking forward to having some 60,000 pounds of Rancho Durazno peaches pass through the warehouse and out into the community.

The CDC will be purchasing all the varieties as they ripen from earliest to latest, including: Redhaven, a historically predominant variety, and the earliest-ripening peach worth putting up; Newhaven, a variant of Redhaven that ripens three days later; Regina with its outstanding flavor and eating qualities; the classic and delicious Elberta; Cresthaven, a great eating, canning and freezing peach; and close to a dozen other varieties that ensure the longest and tastiest harvest.

Gwen again: “I am learning what the farm is doing now—learning what to expect next year and five years down the road. It was really great to visit La Montañita as part of the Wallace Center Food-Hub educational day. I had heard about La Montañita but really didn’t know that much about all you are doing. I was pleasantly surprised that you are doing such wonderful work on a lot of levels. I am so glad we have been working with you and I look forward to working together for a long time.”

Share in a celebration of sustainable regional farming and food.  Look for Rancho Durazno peaches throughout August and hopefully well into September at all Co-op locations.