Run for the Board of Directors


Information on the candidates in this year’s Board of Directors election is now available at


2017 Board of Directors Candidate Packets

Help guide New Mexico’s cooperative economy — run for La Montañita Co-op’s Board of Directors and help lead one of the nation’s largest natural food cooperatives! The submission deadline has been extended, and we are now accepting candidate application packets for the 2017 election of the La Montañita Co-op Board of Directors through Tuesday, October 3, at 11:59pm.

Having a diverse Board of Directors is important to the democratic nature of our cooperative, and for that we need a diverse pool of candidates. We hope you’ll consider contributing your own unique opinions, ideas, and perspectives on today’s challenges to the Board’s discussions by running for a seat in this year’s Board of Directors election!

There are six open seats in this year’s election. Three of the open seats are for regular 3-year terms on the Board of Directors. The remaining three seats are each for 1-year terms to fill in for Board members who were not able to complete their full 3-year term. With this many seats open for the 2017 election, it’s a great opportunity for interested member-owners to make a positive impact on the Co-op by serving as a member of the Board of Directors.

If you know a member-owner who you think would be a good addition to the Board of Directors, please spread the word to them about this year’s election!

Candidate application packets must be completed and submitted by the end of August. Click the button below to download the candidate packet.


Note: This year we are only accepting candidate packets submitted electronically. Please fill out the packet PDF form on a computer, then submit the packet per the instructions included on page 8.