Local Spotlight: Camino de Paz


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Local Spotlight: Camino de Paz

Camino de Paz School and Farm offers a unique variety of goat milk products, ranging from yogurt to feta cheese. Locally established in Santa Cruz, New Mexico, Camino de Paz is made up of a farm, goat dairy and secondary school.

Their USDA Grade A certified goat dairy revolves around the “cycle of nature,” and produces an assortment of products. The goats are fed organic grain, can graze freely, and are treated with all natural products to keep them as healthy as possible.

As winner of Edible Santa Fe’s Local Hero Award in 2014, the farm’s natural practices do not stop there. In addition to the dairy and farm, Camino de Paz operates a secondary school teaching youth healthy farming and business practices. Students engage in curriculum that meets New Mexico standards, while contributing to and learning about the daily operations of the farm.

You can expect to see Camino de Paz goat milk products on shelves during most spring and summer months. To ensure that goats maintain heath and strength for each milking season, they are given ample resting time during other seasons throughout the year.