If you have cooperative values, enjoy interacting with people and want to build community, we’d like to hear from you! Throughout the year volunteers are needed. From a one-time event to an on-going commitment, volunteers participate in many ways in our stores and in the community. To show our appreciation, we offer 15% discount shopping cards to volunteers for their time. Each card allows the cardholder one shopping trip at an 15% discount. Volunteers receive one card for every two hours of service.

A Little History

 La Montañita relied on member-owners as volunteer help for many years. These volunteers were the backbone of the Co-op. In the early 1990’s the Department of Labor decreed that we could no longer utilize volunteers in any position they deemed a “wage labor” job. Members could participate in what the Department of Labor called outreach programs and in areas supervised by the Board of Directors. You can participate in your Co-op, have fun, help build your community and earn a discount all at the same time!

How it works

  • Volunteers must be co-op member-owners.
  • Volunteers are approved by our Community Outreach team to become part of the program and are added to the volunteer roster. You must complete and submit the form below (under “Sign up for the Volunteer Program”) before you are eligible to volunteer for the co-op. Additionally, volunteers must sign and submit a copy of our Volunteer Agreement form for us to keep on file.
  • Volunteers download Volunteer Worksheets here, or pick-up Volunteer Worksheets at any co-op information desk to document their volunteer hours.
    Volunteers perform work in one of four program areas. Volunteers may work up to, but not over, 16 hours per month. The monthly maximum of 16 eligible hours applies to a membership account, so primary and household members on one account cannot log more than 16 combined hours in a month. Each partner organization can give up to a maximum of 48 hours of volunteer credit per month.
  • If under 18 years of age, volunteers must be accompanied by a parent during the volunteer activity for their hours to be eligible. If 16 or 17 years of age, volunteers can work unsupervised by parents if they possess a valid work permit and provide a copy to the Co-op.
  • Worksheets must be signed by the volunteer’s supervisor and brought to any info desk within two weeks of service.
  • Signed Worksheets are exchanged for Discount Shopping Cards at any info desk.

Members can participate in one or more of the following program areas:
Community Capacity Building (volunteering for a La Montañita partner nonprofit organization, see a complete list below),
Schools and Education (volunteering for a La Montañita partner school or educational organization),
Staff Wellness (volunteering to provide wellness services like massage, acupuncture, counseling to coop staff), and
Member Engagement (volunteering in La Montañita stores to help with shopper demos, deliver newsletters, shop for and deliver groceries to seniors and homebound people, and table at special events.)

What to Expect

Member participants are expected to be polite, respectful and considerate.
Please show up on time and be ready to work. If for some reason you are unable to do your shift call your volunteer coordinator or the co-op staff person you are working with. Member participants if possible, should find another household or co-op member to replace them. Remember when you sign up for a shift we and other members of the community are counting on you.
Member participants must dress appropriately for the job they are going to do. Closed toe shoes are highly recommended for all volunteer work. Be sure to check with your volunteer coordinator or co-op staff person to determine if there are additional dress requirements.
The importance of cleanliness cannot be stressed enough, especially when handling food. Wash hands frequently when appropriate during your shift and always after using the lavatories.
Bring a blank Volunteer Worksheet with you. Please do not expect the organization you are volunteering with to have these on hand.
Have fun!

Sign up for the Volunteer Program

To participate in the La Montañita Co-op Volunteer Program, start by filling out and submitting the form below. When we’re able, someone from our Community Outreach team will contact you after verifying your member-ownership and will guide you through the next steps of becoming a Co-op volunteer.

Partner Organizations


Agora Crisis Center – Help-line
Esperanza Community Bike Shop  – Not-for-profit volunteer group that recycles bicycles, makes them rideable, and then gives them to people in need.
Albuquerque Opportunity Center – Provide skill development to the unemployed.
Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice – Educational projects
Albuquerque Wildlife Federation – Works to protect access to wildlife and wild lands.
Big Brother Big Sister – Mentoring youth
Casa Esperanza – Home away from home for families fighting cancer.
Quote, Unquote – Providing public access to the media
Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping – Educational Projects
Community Renovation Empowering Women – fostering safe and secure communities that improve the lives of women and children
Cuidando los Ninos – Free therapeutic childcare to homeless families
Dragon Farm – Helping to reconnect youth to Nature through Agriculture and Tradition
Habitat for Humanity – Re-Store- recycled building materials
HawkWatch International – During Migration season on the mountain, February through May
Keshet Dance Company – Professional company of dance artists committed to inspiring passion and opening unlimited possibilities through the experience of dance.
Los Alamos Study Group – Education projects relating to activities at Los Alamos
National Hispanic Cultural Center – Dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and advancement of Hispanic culture, arts, and humanities
Native American Community Academy – Strengthening communities by developing strong leaders who are academically prepared, secure in their identity and healthy in heart mind and spirit
NM FolkMADS – Promotes and teaches a range of traditional music and dance
New Mexico AIDS Services – Provides comprehensive services, support and prevention education.
NM Wilderness Alliance – Works to protect and restore wild lands and wilderness areas in the state.
OFFCenter Community Arts Project – Youth and Community Arts Center
PB&J Family Services – Strengthen and support children/families
Project PeacePal – A global community with local roots, connecting young people throughout the world with a penpal in another country.
Project Share – Focused on feeding the hungry and homeless in Albuquerque
Rape Crisis Center – Must complete a special training
Rio Grande Community Farm – Encouraging the practice of organic and sustainable community based agricultural methods in our cities.
S.A.F.E. House NM – Providing the courage to change.
Talking Talons Thrift Store and Rescue Center – East Mountain area opportunity
Tierra Madre Waldorf School – Offering pre-K and Kindergarten classes using a contemporary Waldorf curriculum.
YDI New Mexico – Youth service organization that provides educational, developmental and humanitarian assistance to children, youth and families in central and northern New Mexico

Santa Fe

Acequia Madre Elementary School – School parents only, please
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northern NM – Mentoring youth
Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety – Education projects
Earth Care International – Sustainability Education
Equestars – Therapeutic horse rides for differently-abled people
Farm to Table – promote local agriculture through education and community outreach
Food Depot – Ending hunger in Northern New Mexico
Friends of Santa Fe Library – Promotes reading and learning
Gaia Gardens – Demonstrates and teaches urban farming and sustainability skills incorporating biodynamic and permaculture practices to foster social and ecological well-being. Email poki@nodilus.org to get started
Habitat for Humanity Santa Fe – Re-Store
Hope HOWSE International – Non-denominational spiritual action to foster human dignity, peace and respect
KSFR Radio – public radio
Kitchen Angels – Provide nutritious prepared meals to homebound individuals living with life-challenging conditions
Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society – Reduce animal suffering by curbing overpopulation, teaching compassion and supporting healthy relationships between people and animals.
Santa Fe Raptor Center – Assists in the rehabilitation, release, and preservation of New Mexico’s wild birds
Santa Fe Watershed Association – Once a month River cleanup crews
St Elizabeth’s Homeless Shelter – In special need of building maintenance
Warehouse 21 Teen Arts – Art and cultural center for youth under 21 years of age
Wild Earth Guardians – Protects and restores wildlife, wild rivers and wild places in the American West
Wise Fool Santa Fe – Promoting social justice through the arts of circus, puppetry and theatre

Rio Rancho / Corrales

Rio Grande Food Project


Big Brothers, Big Sisters – One-on-one child mentoring program. (505) 726-4285

Gallup Reads – partnership between Gallup-McKinley County Schools and the Gallup-McKinley County Chamber of Commerce. The program is designed to provide one-on-one guided reading practice three times per week for each Kindergarten student. (505) 722-2228

Community Pantry – serves people in Northwestern New Mexico and includes a branch in Grants, NM, which serves all of Cibola County. (505) 726-8068