• Soltero de Queso 1

    Soltero de Queso Vegan

    From Adrienne Weiss

    Soltero de Queso, a specialty of the Andean city of Arequipa, is loosely translated as “Bachelor’s Salad,” but would indeed be a healthy, Read more

  • Earth-day

    Our Co-op: Restoring the Earth

    By Katherine Mullé

    As a community-owned consumer cooperative, La Montañita believes in the shared benefits of healthy food, a strong local economy, and sound environmental practices… Read more

  • Bosque-trail

    A Path Forward: Bosque Restoration

    By Michael Jensen

    On February 9th, work began on a wide crusher-fines trail in the Bosque from the Central Avenue bridge north to the I-40 bridge.

    The trail is one of two components of… Read more

  • cell-phone

    Safe Use of Technology: Critical for Health and EASY!

    By John McPhee

    There are now an estimated 6,000 studies demonstrating the damaging health effects from cell towers, antennas, and Wi-Fi technology. In spite of this, there has been… Read more

  • Mahatma-Gandhi

    How Would Gandhi Approach the Climate Crisis?

    By Maria Rotunda, Santa Fe Citizens’ Climate Lobby

    There is a story that Mark Reynolds, Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Executive Director, tells to all new Citizens’ Climate… Read more